Adopt Me Codes to Get Free Pets

If you are seeking for Adopt Me codes to get free pets, you are visiting the right site. We regularly provide the latest Adopt Me codes for you to make use. Read more below for details!

How to Get Free Pets using Adopt Me Codes

Adopt Me Codes to Get Free Pets

Most Adopt Me codes basically rewards you mostly with bucks. It is quite hard to get free pets with Adopt Me codes. However, there is another way you can get it without using the codes. To get it, you have to take a look more deeply into the events that they conduct. Here are some steps to do:

  1. Starter Egg – When you play the game for the first time, you are going to be directed to talk to Sir Woofington right at the Nursury place, and you can get Starter Egg from him. With this Starter Egg, you can get either Dog or Cat when the Egg is hatched. Therefore, you need to choose wisely which animal do you want to pet.
  2. Star Rewards – Another way for you to acquire free pets are by getting Star Rewards. Gaining star rewards is pretty easy. You just need to log into the game everyday. When you do so, the stars will be accumulated by themselves. You can also get bucks and gifts when you do the login. When you do that for 30 days, at the end of the day will get Cracked Egg which you can hatch to get a new pet. Once you have gained 210 stars, you can buy Ginger Cat. If you are patient enough to collect the stars until 400, you can get a Toucan. When you save up to 550 stars, you can get Starfish. And when you can get up to 660 stars, you are eligible to get Golden Egg which will hatch among the greatest pets on the game. They are Golden Unicorn, Dragon, and Griffin.
  3. Earning more Bucks and Purchasing Eggs – This way of getting pets might not be suitable for those who are a free-play type of player. You need to spend your real money to purchase Robux so that you can purchase the eggs. However, you can also get in-game money with login bonus, money trees, objectives and more.
  4. Wait for special day – During Easter 2020, Adopt Me gives free chick pet to celebrate Easter. Thus, you must be patient waiting for some new important days that you might be getting free pets!

Thank you for reading our article about using Adopt Me Codes to get free pets. I hope this writing helps you in finding the free pets. Keep enjoying the game while being aware of some Adopt Me codes, star rewards and events!

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